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When it comes to a traditional feel, wood flooring is often the best option. With a range of materials and styles, it is worth considering what is best suited to your room.  Here are a few tips to help you choose the best wooden flooring.

Different types

Oak is one of the most commonly used because of its durability. Walnut is an effective alternative if you want a darker base tone, while harder wearing teak is ideal for outdoor surfaces. There are different types in terms of colour and shade as well, so there should be a type of wood to suit your interior décor.

Reduced wastage

One major advantage with wood flooring is that it can be cut and measured with minimal wastage (a professional fitter can ensure as little as 2 per cent wastage).  To get the best chance of reduced wastage, measure the room to the nearest square metre. Typically, each pack of wooden flooring will cover around two square metres.

Tongue and groove

Tongue and groove is one of two ways that wood flooring fits together. It is so called because one end has a “tongue” that protrudes out. This then fits into the “groove” on another plank. This can be quite complicated, as after the planks are knocked into place if you get the wrong angle it can result in dislodged planks.

You also need to make sure the planks are glued in place. If you do not use enough glue it can create gaps, so it helps to use a professional to get the surface down.


The other kind of floorings are click-lock. The shape allows you to click them into place, meaning they can’t be dislodged once they are put together. There is also the advantage that you do not need to use glue or other adhesive to keep it together.

Furthermore, if  you need to go under the surface for any reason, it is possible to unclick the flooring and lift it up.


Solid wood floorboards are popular due to their natural look. They can be maintained by re-staining and sanding. One potential issue is that they can  warp in humid environments, so this is something to consider depending on where you live.


Pre-finished wood boards are a good alternative if you want to avoid warping and gaps. The downside is that they are made up of thin layers so they can be harder to refinish. This is ideal if you know the kind of colour you want and are unlikely to change your mind in a few years’ time.


An unfinished board can be useful if you want a bit more control over the final colour and finish of the boards.

We want to help

It can seem overwhelming choosing between the different materials and style available. At Dave Judge Flooring, we can discuss all the options available to you, allowing you to gauge what is best suited to each individual room. For more information or to discuss our services in more detail please contact Dave Judge Flooring today.

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