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For over thirty years, Dave Judge Flooring has been providing flooring solutions for all our customer needs. When it comes to choosing a carpet for your home, it helps to know what to look out for and finding something that is best suited to you.


One thing to consider is where you are putting the carpet down. For example, a bedroom won’t have as many people going up and down, so you can have a softer surface. 

By contrast in the heavier traffic areas (such as the main hall and corridors) you will need something a bit more durable. The way to ensure a more durable surface is to use a carpet with closely knitted fibres.


The colour that you choose is also a factor when it comes to deciding the carpet for different rooms. It is recommended you use darker colours for heavier traffic areas, while lighter ones can work better for areas such as the bedroom or bathroom.


While wool costs more, it is often used because it is more durable, more resilient and also serves as an effective form of insulations (both in terms of trapping heat and reducing noise).  Nylon is also a popular option as it allows for a wider range of colours than wool.

Another common example is polypropylene, a man-made fibre that is popular because it is both stain resistant and hardwearing.  Polyester is a softer material, though that is more commonly used as part of a mix with other fibres.

Get a sample

It is recommended that you get a sample before you make a purchase. The reason is that you can use the sample to see how the surface is affected by light reflecting from it. Physically treading on the sample will also give you an idea of how quickly it goes back to its original shape after people walk over it.

Do a measurement

A lot of companies offer fitting and measuring services. However, when it comes to getting an idea of rough cost, the best way is to measure out the widest and longest parts of a room (this should also include areas such as bay windows or spaces under the stairs.)

When you make your measurement, once you have your initial measurement it is recommended that you add at least another 10cm in order to allow for additional trimming.

Taking care of your carpet

In order to maintain your carpet, it’s recommended you vacuum the surface at least once a week. Solid stains should be scraped with a knife, while grease can be removed with a grease remover on an absorbent cloth. When blotting a stain, check an area that is hidden away. If using a carpet shampoo, check the manufacturer’s instructions first.

We can help

With over thirty years of experience, Dave Judge Flooring can ensure you get the most from your carpet, with a dedicated and professional service. For more information, please contact us today so we can go over the options available to you and find the ideal flooring for your home.

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